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Risk Institute studies distracted driving epidemic

In coordination with Distracted Driving Awareness Month (every April, as designated by the National Safety Council), the Risk Institute at The Ohio State University has put forward some new research on the epidemic of distracted driving. California should know that distracted driving crashes kill about nine people and injure 100 more every day in the U.S., according to the NSC.

The Risk Institute has conducted several studies, one of them on driver behavior. Researchers analyzed how certain incentives, such as insurance discounts for good driving behavior, can reduce the rate of distracted driving. They found that those who are most confident in their driving skills are the most likely to distract themselves behind the wheel.

Another study looked into the role that road design has on distracted driving. The length of a roadway segment and the number of lanes it has all affect the rate of distracted driving crashes. Urbanized areas see a higher rate of them than rural areas. This was based on an analysis of the records of 1.4 million crashes that took place in Ohio between 2013 and 2017. Researchers found that roads with medians and with shoulders that have asphalt pavement experience fewer distracted driving accidents. They also discovered that roundabouts lessen the severity of crashes, especially ones involving a distracted driver.

When a car accident is caused by a distracted driver, occupants of other vehicles often sustain serious injuries that require lengthy periods of expensive medical care and treatment. In some of these cases, the victims are unable to return to work while they are recovering. People who have been harmed with this manner might want to have a lawyer's assistance when seeking appropriate compensation from the at-fault motorist.

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