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Inspection blitz aims to stop trucking crashes

The annual International Roadcheck program aims to highlight safety violations in trucking in order to reduce the likelihood of serious truck crashes. Trucking crashes can be particularly devastating to others on the road, due to the size and weight of semi-trucks. When these trucks are poorly maintained, the consequences can be catastrophic. During the 72-hour Roadcheck program, which will take place from June 4-6, 2019, a blitz of inspections targets trucks on the road across the country for thorough examination.

Approximately 17 trucks and buses are inspected every minute during the three days of the inspection blitz. Police noted that while the frequency of inspections goes up during the three-day period, the standards for inspection remain the same as they are throughout the year. Most of the inspections conducted are called Level I evaluations, which means that the truck and driver are thoroughly examined. Inspectors review the trucks' braking, suspension, steering, lighting and cargo security systems. In addition, they also examine drivers' log records, commercial driver's licenses and medical evaluations.

The 2019 Roadcheck will focus particularly on steering and suspension systems. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, organizer of the initiative, noted that these systems were important for the stability of large trucks and their cargo. When they are poorly maintained, severe trucking crashes can result. During the 2018 International Roadcheck, almost 12,000 vehicles were ordered off the road due to safety violations.

Poorly maintained trucks pose a threat to everyone else on the road. When a truck turns over, fails to stop or veers from its lane due to a maintenance failure, the result can be a massive truck accident with attendant injuries and fatalities. People hurt in a truck crash caused by a dangerous truck or diver might benefit from working with a personal injury lawyer to pursue compensation.

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