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January 2019 Archives

Loss of consortium damages: Your injury hurts more than just you

Imagine you suffer a catastrophic injury in an accident that wasn't your fault. You're no longer able to work and earn an income for your family. In fact, you're so injured that you can't even take out the garbage or complete other simple tasks around the house. Your family needs to pick up the slack and it's difficult for them.

Study finds drivers using phones in different ways

According to a report from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, drivers are using their phones less often to make calls. However, this doesn't mean that drivers in California have put their phones away completely. Instead, individuals are more likely to send an email or a text message while a car is in motion. Specifically, research shows that a driver is 57 percent more likely to be seen texting or emailing as opposed to making a call.

What California drivers should know about sleep deprivation

Sleep deprivation can affect drivers in a way similar to alcohol. The National Sleep Foundation says that a driver who is awake for 24 hours will act like one with a blood alcohol content of .10; a person is legally drunk at .08. Yet a AAA survey found that nearly one person in three had at least once in the previous month driven in so drowsy a state that their eyelids were drooping.

Multi-vehicle accident on freeway leaves dozens injured

A 19-vehicle car accident on the 15 Freeway left 35 people injured on the morning of Jan. 16. According to officials, the weather was foggy and the accident happened on the 15 Freeway southbound. Law enforcement was unclear about how many people were taken to California hospitals following the pileup but said that the majority of people involved declined going to hospitals.

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