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October 2018 Archives

Safety officials urge standards for drugged driving

Since California and other states across the country have legalized the use and sale of recreational cannabis, highway safety officials have warned about the importance of developing clear standards to measure drug-impaired driving. No nationwide standard has been established to indicate how much cannabis consumption hinders a person's driving ability, and no roadside testing mechanism has been approved for police to test drivers at accident scenes. The National Transportation Safety Board urged similar steps to those taken to assess and prohibit drunk driving.

Determining the severity of a brain injury

Traumatic brain injuries can be particularly serious. Whether they're caused by sports accidents or car crashes, these injuries can have lifelong effects requiring permanent medical care. However, it's important to note that TBIs can range from mild to severe. There are a number of ways in which California physicians determine the severity of a particular TBI.

Fatalities due to large trucking acccidents rise

Though the overall incidence of traffic fatalities in California and across the United States declined in 2017, large trucking accidents that caused fatalities increased. The number of large trucking fatalities increased by 9 percent in 2017 when compared to 2016. Overall traffic fatalities declined by 1.8 percent in the same time period.

Chain-reaction accident kills 1 and injures 2

The California Highway Patrol has reported that a chain-reaction accident on Interstate 5 in Yolo County claimed the life of a 57-year-old man on the afternoon of Sept. 27. The man's Ford Edge SUV was the rearmost of three stationary vehicles struck by a Dodge Ram pickup truck at about 3:49 p.m. near Main Street in Woodland according to media accounts. Police say that the 36-year-old man behind the wheel of the Dodge failed to reduce his speed or take any other form of emergency action before crashing.

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