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There is more than one type of traumatic brain injury

Any type of traumatic brain injury is one that has the potential to alter your life forever. If you or a loved one is facing this type of injury, don't hesitate to learn more about common symptoms, treatment options and what to expect in the future.

Understanding the different types of traumatic brain injury will help you better understand what the future will bring.

1. Mild traumatic brain injury

This occurs when:

  • There is a brief loss of consciousness, typically no more than a few minutes
  • There may not be any loss of consciousness, but you may feel confused
  • Scans and other tests show normal brain function

A mild traumatic brain injury is only diagnosed if you are experiencing a change in mental state after the injury, such as a loss of consciousness or confusion.

2. Moderate traumatic brain injury

A moderate traumatic brain injury is more serious than a mild traumatic brain injury, with this typically happening after a blow to the head, such as in a motor vehicle accident.

This occurs when:

  • There is a loss of consciousness ranging from several minutes to a few hours
  • Confusion drags on for several days or weeks
  • There are long-term behavioral, cognitive and/or physical impairments

A person who suffers a moderate traumatic brain injury has the potential to make a solid recovery through the right treatment strategy.

3. Severe brain injury

This is the most serious type of traumatic brain injury, and typically occurs as the result of a penetrating wound or crushing blow to the head. Not only is it the most life threatening of all traumatic brain injuries, but it has the biggest impact on a survivor's ability to live a normal life.

In many cases, a severe traumatic brain injury requires immediate surgery, such as to stop bleeding or remove a bone fragment.

With so many types of traumatic brain injury it always makes sense to receive medical treatment if you suffer a blow to the head. There's never a good time to assume that you don't have an injury, as waiting to receive treatment can lead to more trouble.

Once you understand the injury, focus on the cause of the accident and if another person was responsible for it. Doing this will eventually lead you to learn more about your legal rights.

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