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Summers see more car crashes

California residents may be aware that the warm summer months see more motorists on the roads. This increase means a greater chance of car collisions and potential injuries to the brain and spinal cord. Car and motorcycle crashes are the leading causes of traumatic brain injuries that end in hospitalization, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

This is why it's essential for crash victims to undergo testing for concussions. A concussion is any blow or jolt to the head that causes a change in cognitive function. Its symptoms can appear minutes or sometimes days after an accident, making it hard to achieve a correct diagnosis.

Those who experience exaggerated mood changes, a loss in cognitive function, slurred speech or a lack of coordination may be suffering from a concussion. Specialists can analyze patients' memory, word recall, ability to count backward and sense of balance in order to diagnose it. When diagnosed with a concussion, victims are encouraged to closely manage their injuries. If symptoms persist, this could signal a worse condition.

TBIs are more severe than concussions and can involve internal bleeding. If the bleeding isn't stopped and the pressure relieved, the victim could suffer permanent brain damage.

When a car accident is caused by negligence, the victim can consult with a lawyer about filing a third-party insurance claim. The lawyer could hire medical experts to show that any brain injuries or other ailments are accident related. The lawyer could then negotiate for a settlement with the defendant's auto insurance company.

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