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Microglia and their role in healing brain injuries

California residents who suffered a brain injury or know someone who has will want to know what microglia are. According to researchers from the University of Virginia School of Medicine, these cells that are permanently found in the central nervous system are responsible for consuming dead or injured neurons after a brain or spinal cord injury.

For this reason, microglia are called phagocytic cells. Such cells are a great benefit to the body because dead and dying neurons could become inflamed and trigger the death of neighboring neurons. They do more, though. Microglia fight infections in the brain by eating bacteria and other pathogens. They also consume inactive neuronal synapses, aiding the development of the brain.

Researchers found that microglia can identify damaged neurons based on the same molecules they use for identifying inactive synapses and bacteria. Their results were culled from experiments involving mice with optic nerve injuries. These injuries left debris in the brains of the mice, but this debris was soon surrounded by microglia.

The study did not, therefore, directly cover injuries to the brain or spinal cord. Further research into this matter could help improve treatments for the limiting of neurodegeneration following such injuries.

Whether they were hit by a truck or fell down a flight of stairs, victims of brain injuries may want to hire a lawyer to see if they qualify for compensation. To achieve the maximum amount possible, the attorney may bring in medical experts to review and testify in the case about neurodegeneration that occurred after the accident.

When proof of the other's negligence has been established, the lawyer might then decide to proceed to negotiate for an informal settlement. If the other side refuses to pay or offers an unreasonably low settlement, the lawyer can take the case to court.

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